Sunday 12th of July 2020

Mathematics Programs

  1. KBruch -

    KBruch Screenshot

    This is a program designed for learning about fractions. The exercises are divided into 4 groups: easy operations on fractions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two fractions), comparing fractions: (larger/smaller), conversion of decimal fractions into vulgar fractions (also decimal with infinite expansion) and factorization of numbers (that is, finding the product of the smallest divisors).
  2. KmPlot -

    KmPlot Screenshot

    This application enables making a lot of functional graphs on one coordinate system (you have a free choice: graphs of ordinary and parametric functions, as in Cartesian, or polar coordinates). Additionally, except for drawing graphs, there is an option to determine the extrema of a function and its integral in the given range.
  3. Kig -

    Kig Screenshot

    With a focus on interactive geometry that gives you opportunity to draw circles and ellipses (without specifying parameters of the function, only determining its focuses), parabolas, and hyperbolas. We can modify, rotate, calibrate, make mirror images, and do many other operations of created figures. The program is so easy that even a pupil from elementary school is able to use it, however it

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