Tuesday 04th of August 2020

Chemistry Programs

  1. Kalzium -

    Kalzium Screenshot

    A second to none periodic table. Besides the typical table with elements and dry facts about their number and mass, we also have additional information (e.g., ionization energy, image of an element in free state) and, to some degree, interaction with the program. With the proper scroll bars we can mark on the periodic table only those elements that match certain parameters (there is a scroll bar that is used for specifying the year of discovery and state of matter in the given temperature scroll bar. The program also contains a module that can work out the mole mass of a compound from its formula.
  2. Gperiodic -

    Gperiodic Screenshot

    This is an application that is the equivalent of a periodic table, a bit less complicated in its complexity than Kalzium, but scientifically complete.

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