Tuesday 04th of August 2020

Splendid CRM

SplendidCRM is an open-source customer relationship management framework built in the Microsoft .NET environment. The project began as an experiment to test the effectiveness of the Microsoft .NET development environment at porting an application from the LAMP (software bundle) to the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. It was soon noted that there were few initiatives at the time dedicated to promoting Open Source and ASP.NET from a CRM perspective and SplendidCRM rapidly gained a following in the .NET developer community.

SplendidCRM adopted the LAMP based SugarCRM Open Source as the blueprint on which to initially model its ASP.NET application. The application is compatible with and uses SugarCRM assets such as icons and terminology packs. However the actual source code that makes up the application is completely original. SplendidCRM is now available on the PostgreSQL database platform as well as on SUSE Linux using the Mono libraries.


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