Tuesday 04th of August 2020

Web Server

EraCore.Net's provided web server provides the ability to host websites or take advantage of web based applications. Eracore.Net's web Server takes advantage of Apache, the most widely-used web server software.

The benchmark comparisons provided by Netcraft surveys show that the use of Apache has grown steadily over the last five years, and it is the most popular among the Web servers in use today. As of September 2008, Apache is run on over 88 million Internet servers.

Netcraft Survey

Even with current DSL lines variations including ADSL EraCore.Net may provide web hosting services for your business. The following features are included:
  • 128 bit Encryption
  • SSL 3.0
  • CGI support
  • Squid web cache & proxy
  • Virtual hosting
  • Web stats
  • PHP
  • MySQL
According to your web site needs custom configuration may be applied including Hardware recommendation and Bandwidth upgrading.


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