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Web Application Development

@, we believe that all businesses, regardless of size should have a web presence, and we are dedicated to finding the most innovative and profitable means of crafting your organization business presence on the Internet. We specialize in the creation, maintenance, and hosting of web sites for small to medium sized business, and can design a site to your specifications for a surprisingly low price we offer a variety of services including custom hand-coded site design,graphics design, site hosting,programming, and database-to-web integration.

EraCore.NET urge you to spend a little time exploring this document where you will find assistance in planning your site, explanations of our design process and technique, and details concerning services we offer such as database applications.

Planning Your Web Site

It's important that a great deal of thought and planning be done before the coding of your site begins. This profile will help to guide you through the planning phase and help to shape your idea of what you want your site to be. When you're finished, you'll know a lot more about what goes into web page design.

Guidelines for Designing a Web Site

  1. Determine the objective and purpose of the Web site
    Know well the reason(s) you want or need a website. You may have a product or service to sell. Even the simplest of sites can provide a means to make contact with potential customers and provide an inexpensive way to advertise your business.
  2. Identify the target audience
    Who are you trying to reach? Different audiences may require different approaches. Identifying your audience comes very much into play when you determine how to market your site.
  3. Identify the content to be covered
    One of the first things the Web designer will do is asking you what you want to display on your site. It is also helpful if you can show the designer a site or Sites you have seen on the web that have a layout you think will be appropriate for your content. Think about what photos and other graphics ( such as a logo )you what to include in your site, and how they relate to the textual content.
  4. Identify the navigation system to be used
    Understand how the pages in your site should relate to each other. Some pages should be accessible from all pages in the site and should be linked from the main menu; others may only need to be linked from a particular page.
  5. Allow users to provide feedback
    Use forms to get customer response. Forms encourage potential customers to contact you, and help you to lead them to provide the information you need from them in order to give them the information they want.
  6. Consider how often content on your site needs to be updated
    If you will have pages with content that needs to be changed often, it may be cost effective to implement a Content Management System. Content Management Systems allow the owner or administrator to up date content on the site using online forms that do not require knowledge of HTML/XHTML or any technical expertise. This may involve a higher initial cost, but will pay for itself over time because you will not need to pay a web designer every time you want a change made to the site.
  7. Consider the name of your site
    You may just want to use your existing business name, if not, look for a name that is descriptive, unique, short, and memorable. See what domain addresses are available that relate to your site name. You can check availability using the search tool at for example. If you think someone else wants the name register it right away.
  8. Consider the color scheme
    If you have an existing business you may already know your colors, if not, choose colors that compliment each other & Generally speaking.
  9. Are multimedia elements necessary?
    Please notice we said necessary, Gratuitous use of multimedia elements is not good design. "Flash intros" are not an example of good design. Multimedia elements slow down pages considerably and most people will not take the time to download plug-ins needed to view them, it's much quicker for the user to just hit the back button on their browser and find a site that does not require plug-ins.
  10. Pages almost all sites should have
    Home/Index Page
    Products/Services Page
    About US Page
    Contact/Feed Form

Design Process

This Paragraphs outlines the chronological order of our site design and implementation process.

  1. First, Review the "Design Guide Lines" above and give careful thought to your objectives.
  2. EraCore.NET staff will be glad to offer the design consultation for no charge and if you are outside Egypt then the consultation will be via an e-mail exchange.
  3. If you decide to hire us for your project we will sign a contract with you Before we begin we gather all data like textual content,photos,and other graphics from you (this may be something as simple as your letterhead with your logo on it).
  4. The appropriate Domain name registration & Hosting account will be set up for you we will be happy to help you in this process to ensure the maximum performance and responsibility from our side.
  5. The Domain & Hosting fees must be paid in advance, usually cash or with check, usually payment is made for a year but semi-annual and quarterly payments are possible for some hosting plans.
  6. Some further preparation on our part is necessary before the actual coding of your site design begins we "story board" your site (this is just sketching the layout of pages for your site) and develop an "information architecture"( we chart the navigation and page relationships). At this time we also do any necessary scanning, create needed graphics, get all images "web ready", and create an inventory of all textual content and determine which pages it will appear on.
  7. If your site uses a database it will be designed at this time.
  8. Mock-ups of page layouts are prepared using a graphics program. These mock-ups, along with a navigation flow chart are then submitted to you for approval.
  9. EraCore.NET now proceeds to code your site.
  10. When coding is completed, your site is tested on our server, once you approved the site is uploaded to the server that will be its final destination and tested again.
  11. Arrangements are made for any administrative training you desire.
  12. Arrangements are made for any scheduled updates you want us to do.

Design Techniques

Design Tools
We are Hand Coding sites. Hand coded sites end to load faster and are easier to maintain. It is common now for web pages to contain scripting languages such as JavaScript/JQuery. for more complex processes and to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for formatting The use of more advanced technologies such as these necessitates knowledge of hand coding pages.

Programming Environment
We are using the LAMP stack environment (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)

Need some help?

Our helpful customer service team is here for you. We provide onboarding assistance to get your domain name and email set up and running quickly. And our 24/7 technical support is always here if you need it.

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