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Hosting & Domain name registration

Whether you are an individual or an organization needs to post your web presence onto the Internet then you need a web hosting service provider to provide you with the technologies and services needed for your web presence to be viewed in the Internet. When Internet users use their web browsers or open your mobile application they will be connected to your hosting provider which will deliver the intended contents whether a web page or data that will be displayed on the browser or the mobile application.

Web hosting service provider typically employ technicians to make sure that their clients' hosted services like websites, database & email servers are running up healthy, smoothly & securely.

Domain name registration

Hosting service requires that you have a domain name which is a string used to identify and provide an easily recognizable and memorizable name for your business on the Internet. If you do not have a domain name yet then you can search and acquire yours now.

Web Hosting Services

There are various types of web hosting services available for you. Before signing up, it is important to understand your web presence needs and what type of services the web host offers according to the assigned budget

  • Shared Hosting
    The most common type of web hosting where your and other website owners share one server resources. This includes sharing the physical server memory, hard disk, processing power and the software applications installed and configued within the server. Shared hosting services are affordable because the hosting server operations cost is shared between you and others. Your shared hosting environment comes with a dashboard called cPanel interface which allows you to manage tasks associated with your web presence such as publishing your website, create emails & calendars, backup & transfer your files and launching databases. All required maintenance, enhancements and security updates are performed by Era Core, giving you more time to focus on contents.

  • Dedicated Hosting
    When your web presence requires a large amount of resources dedicated hosting is the perfect option. It provides an environment that can be totally customized to provide your web presence with the optimal performance especially during rush hours. Dedicated hosting environment services can be either managed where Era Core technicians are performing all required maintence, enhancements and security updates or unmanaged where you get root access and have a full control over your dedicated server

  • Hosting Consultation Services
    If you need help configuring, troubleshooting or optimizing your current linux hosting environment and services associated with it like Apache server, exim or postfix mail server, MySQL or MariaDB server or DNS server, Contact us

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